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My Office Makeover + Floating Shelves

Pinterest Inspired Wall Art + Floating Shelves 

     After staring at blank wall for too many months, I decided to add some art, succulents, and floating shelves. I am constantly searching for new ways to declutter and organize the space around me. And floating shelves are my new obsession! This is a pretty simple way to add some personality and inspiration to your work space or bedroom. Seeing the pretty floating shelves on Pinterest inspired me to finally pick up my man’s drill and get to work. 

Prior to installing the floating shelves, everything was placed on my desk. Having candles around me and inspiring quotes is a must, however, my working area was too busy and distracting. Now, I love to take a pause, lean back on my chair and read an inspiring quote. floatingshelvesart-copy

These are the little things that bring me joy, focus, and make for a productive studying session.

The hardest part was figuring out how to drill the anchors and screws, without a drill bit. This was my first time using an electric drill, and after trial and error, a youtube video and face-timing my boyfriend, I finally succeeded! 

Watch my youtube to see all the steps for my Pinterest inspired wall. But mostly, to avoid errors for first time drillers lol. 

I wanted this to be a gradual change; I constantly like to switch things up depending on my mood, season, etc. I kept the frame and shelves white to give it a minimalist, cleaner look. Using the same color as the wall creates the illusion of a larger space, instead of making the room feel cluttered and small. Having a decluttered space allows me to focus on the task at hand.

Here is a list of everything I used:

  1. White Floating Shelves
  2. Floating Book Shelf
  3. Laser Leveler
  4. Makita Electric Drill

I will gradually keep making upgrades and changes to my space as I make new finds.

What does your wall look like? Share your ideas and tag your style! #ZuleykaDoesLife to be featured, xo.


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