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My 10 Day Paris Summer Trip Experience | Places to visit in France

Travelling to Paris can be an overwhelming experience. Read about my summer trip to Paris during the peak season.

My 10 Day Paris 2017 Summer Trip Experience was everything I hoped it would be, but I also took a lot away from it…here’s why. 


Travelling to Paris was a dream come true. Every street, alley, corner told a different story. Paris is a city with heart, passion, romance and grit. When I say, Paris is “a dream come true” I don’t mean it in a “Notebook” movie type of way. I mean, the city of Paris, is what I always expected life to be. When I was, a little girl dreaming of adulthood, I saw Paris. Lively streets, art galleries on every block, unapologetic personalities and efficient public transportation.Living in Los Angeles I don’t get to interact with strangers daily. When I need to go somewhere I get in my car, arrive to my destination (s), and get back in my car to hopefully not sit in traffic, for hours.

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Paris, much like New York, requires more human interaction wanted or not. As I sat out on the terrace of multiple brassieres, I wondered about the lives of those passing me by. As I observed I realized, we are all so alike. We may speak different languages but we all speak the same physical/body language. I no longer felt like a stranger on the other side of the world. I realized that so many of us long for the same things, comfort, love, validation, etc. To voice is would be superfluous….one can recognize our universal needs through a simple exchange of glances.


Many of us carry misconceptions of cultures different than our own. Judging is easier than observing. Have you ever tried refraining from ‘labeling’ a stranger inside your head? Traveling shows us the world from a perspective different than our own. Therefore, I believe, that no matter how much you studied or how many books you’ve read, you will never learn as much about the world, people, or cultures until you have travelled.Paris17-224-web

I spent 10 days in Paris, I did all the tourist-y things but, I purposely got a lost a couple of days. I wanted to run into things and places I wouldn’t have otherwise. To discover and gain new experiences satisfies my hunger for an adventurous life. If you’re anything like me, chances are you’ve done this already.

In Paris, I ran down the streets, I twirled in my dress, I jumped over puddles, helped an old lady, laughed uncontrollably, ate too much bread, sang out loud and got lost in the rain. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. If I’d considered the opinions of others, perhaps I wouldn’t have done half of these things. No matter where you go, embrace who you are and learn about different cultures. And maybe then, you’ll be rewarded with gratitude and clarity about your own life.


I will be writing more about specific experiences in blogs to come! Stay tuned…

What is your favorite thing about travelling? Share your experiences below.

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