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300 Days of Blogging for 2018! | Blog Challenge

Blog Challenges 2018 and tips to blog more this year!

300 Days of Blogging for 2018! | Blog Challenge

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Happy 2018!

I started this blog a year ago with the intention of sharing new experiences with all of you. As I look back on my blog, I honestlywish I could have blogged more. I love writing and connecting with like-minded people! So…this year I am committing to 300 days of blogging! I want to find my voice and figure out what it is that I love blogging about. I heard of a successful blogger talking about blogging daily even when you are not sure what your voice is yet. I was instantly inspired. Sometimes we get hung up on what others may think of our writing or we often find excuses why we can’t sit down and write about our day.

How can I possibly find my voice as a writer if most of the writing occurs in my head? With that being said, I will write about my daily life, the ups and downs, topics that interest me from beauty, DIYs, photography, to acting and movies. My goal is to find what truly excites me by the end of the year. If you are a writer, or aspiring I invite you to do the same.

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I love the feeling of a fresh start because this means I get to set new goals, learn from the previous year and come up with new strategies. I am truly excited and motivated to reach new highs this year! I wish you the same!


These are a few tips I will follow to help me :

  1. Create a blogging calendar
  2. Write down blog long term goals
  3. Connect with a blogging community
  4. Keep a journal with me at all times for ideas
  5. Write for myself first
  6. Be consistent
  7. Be myself
  8. Don’t be afraid of failing
  9. Focus on what I love
  10. Enjoy the process

I’d love to connect with other bloggers. Share your thought via twitter @zuleykasilver

Talk soon,



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