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What to do when it rains in LA? | Sister Winter Spa Day |Glen Ivy Hot Springs Review | 2018

What to do when it rains in LA? LEAVE! | Sister Winter Spa Day |Glen Ivy Hot Springs Review| 2018 After a little road trip of an hour and a half I arrived at the beautiful Glen Ivy Spa in Corona, Ca

What to do when it rains in LA? LEAVE! | Sister Winter Spa Day |Glen Ivy Hot Springs Review| 2018

After a little road trip of an hour and a half I arrived at the beautiful Glen Ivy Spa in Corona, Ca and met my sister Angie for a promising spa day. She greeted me with a smile, and although there was light rain, we were determined to make the best out of it. This was her big day, her 29th birthday!

I somehow thought she was turning 28 and wrote it wrong in her card haha! I am the youngest of my 2 sisters and we are back to back in age; 26,27,28 now 29.

Image-1Anyway, we arrived 45 minutes before our scheduled massages. We received a map and headed to the womens lockers. Did I forget to mention that she is 6 months preggo? And she her belly definitely popped! I got a warm stone and she got ‘the mom to be’ massage.

My Massage was amazing! It was worth the $100. I felt like I was floating by the time it was over! I didn’t realize all the tension I was walking around with. My shoulders were tight for so long I had got used to the feeling. I am making an effort to incorporate more yoga into my fitness routine.

Angie really enjoyed her massage as well. They gave her a pillow to place under her belly. She turned from one side to the other. I always wondered how those massages worked. I don’t have any kids but when I’m pregnant, I will be scheduling mommy massages!

GlenIvySpa-2After, we grabbed some healthy smoothies and walked around the grounds for a bit. It’s way bigger than I thought! We didn’t get to see all of it due to the rain. Our first stop was the saline pool. It was heavenly and so relaxing. The pool contains epsom salt which helps with sore muscles, and aches. My sister couldn’t get in all the way because she’s preggo. She sat on the edge and dipped her feet up to below the knee. I am so glad the pools have a ceiling preventing the rain from coming down on us directly.

The rain started to come down harder so we headed inside to a Greek and Roman inspired bath. It was regal and beautiful; for a moment, I felt like I was a Queen in Rome walking in to bathe. It was probably my favorite place here!


The last place we went to was Mud Zone! This was so fun! I was a little skeptical at the sight of brown water but the color is due to the mud. The reddish brown color made me feel like I was on MARS lol. The mud is so good for your skin! We stepped inside the muddy water, grabbed some mud from the mud tower in the middle of the jacuzzi and rubbed it all over our skin.

It’s supposed to help with softening the skin, exfoliating dead skin cells and in removing impurities. After applying the mud, we went to a cave-like sauna called WAFA to allow the mud to dry on our skin. The drying chamber was so cozy we didn’t want to leave (plus it was raining harder).

We were advise to wear dark bathing suits since the clay tends to stain the fabric permanently.  Playing with the mud and smearing it all over our faces was kinda liberating. We felt like kids again…We only stayed for a bit since they were closing soon and my sister couldn’t be in there long.

This was a great way to celebrate my sisters’ birthday! It was nice to catch up with her one-on-one and really bond. We will definitely return to Glen Ivy, it was nice to get away from all the commotion of Los Angeles and relax for a bit. It’s a little haven. However, keep in mind that the admission fee is $38 on weekdays, 50 minute massages are around $100 and robe rentals are $15. This is not counting what you will spend on food and beverages. Honestly, I think the robes should be included in the day pass. Every spa I’ve ever been to provides sandals and robes, not here. Keep in mind that it can add up quickly, so stay posted of any promotions they may have! Next time, I will take my robe and arrive earlier to enjoy all of the amenities.

Leave a comment if you’ve visited this spa + let me know what you think! xo

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