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How to Foundation Match like a Pro | NARS Foundation + Whirl Mac Liner

How to Foundation Match like a PRO

NARS Foundation + ‘Whirl’ Mac Lip-Liner

AmazonFavorites2018-006-4I was on the hunt for a new foundation, but we all know this can be a scary process. It’s so difficult finding the exact color to match our undertone. I have purchased so many foundations, after trying them on at the store to then come back home under a different light and being horrified. I’ve been a loyal consumer of Youngblood cosmetics for a long time but my foundation was looking too orange now that it’s winter. I haven’t been out in the sun so I needed to find something with a cooler undertone. I was walking around too orange, I felt like Trump!


I have good news and I’m so excited to share my new find! I absolutely love my new NARS natural radiant longwear foundation in ‘Barcelona’.  It’s still a little warm but it oxidizes perfectly on my skin. The coverage is a bit heavier and it sets kinda fast so you have to work it in right away. I usually wear lighter weight foundations but I love the heavier coverage because it still feels light on my skin. I am always hesitant when buying a new foundation because I have really sensitive and dry skin. But this is definitely a winner! It has a nice yellow undertone as well, so it naturally covers any darker areas and pigmentation, you won’t need to go heavier on the concealer. I also love that it doesn’t move around a lot. It sets and stay without flaking or making my skin look dry.


Here are a few tips for finding a perfect foundation:

  1. Match the foundation to your neck, to your face.
  2. If you are at a department store, step out and see your face under natural light.
  3. Wait a few minutes after applying foundation. A lot of the oxidize slightly darker.
  4. Find out if your skin has a cool or warm undertone.
  5. If you have dry skin, wear the foundation all day before purchasing to see if any flaking occurs.
  6. If you have oil skin, wear it for a few hours and notice if it makes your shinier.
  7. Try to stay away from foundations with fragrances and harsh chemicals since this will cause break-outs for all types of skin.
  8. If you have very sensitive skin, test out a sample on your chin before applying to your entire face.

AmazonFavorites2018-023-10I also stopped at MAC for this pretty lip liner in the color ‘whirl’. I am always looking for subtle tones and Lord knows it’s impossible for me to find a nice nude color! Most “natural” tones looks way too light on my skin. I was introduced to this lip-liner by a makeup artist while I was filming on set a few weeks ago. It’s similar to MAC lip-liner ‘spice’ (another fav) but not as dark and rich.



Here are the links if you want to try these products!
I hope you found this helpful! XO!

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