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Acting in LA |Guest-Starring on Young Sheldon CBS

Guest-Starring on Young Sheldon CBS


Hey everyone! I can’t believe it March already! This year has been great so far, I booked a role on CBS’s Young Sheldon. I’ve been acting for a while but I never really post about it online. I want to change that! I want to share some photos from the set and share these special moments with all of you.

Being an actor in Los Angeles means going to auditions constantly, being stuck in traffic, and being part of an acting studio to work on your acting skills to hopefully become a better actor. It takes a lot of emotional and financial investment but when you book a role, it makes it all worthwhile. It is definitely not for everyone, you have to have determination and consistency.

I love the process, although it can be heartbreaking at times, being able to tell stories and read so many amazing scripts is inspiring and it motivates to continue working on my craft.

IMG_8439I play Selena, Pastor Jeff’s (Matt Hobby) wife. It was so fun working on this show!

If you’d like me to share more about acting let me know and I will write more about the acting process, auditions, etc.

Make sure you watch the episode if you haven’t already.

Link to the episode:


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