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Dewy Glassy Skin Tutorial – Best Products to use for Dry and Oily Skin

Dewy Glassy Skin Tutorial – Best Products to use for Dry and Oily Skin – 2018

What is glassy skin? Glassy skin is a Korean beauty trend rapidly making its way to the USA. Glassy skin means exactly what it sounds like, skin that looks like glass and another way of saying clean and transparent-like skin. To achieve this natural dewy skin look, it is crucial to have a killer skincare routine! But don’t worry, I tried and researched products that many beauty gurus swear by and listed the best for oily and dry skin types.

How to get Glassy Skin:

To get glass skin, ideally, your skin should be very hydrated, luminous, and clear from any breakouts. However, while many of us work on bettering our dry skin, you can still achieve the “glass skin” look.


Tips for Glassy Skin:

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Don’t pick your face
  • Stay away from a super heavy foundation and powders.
  • Exfoliate skin to remove any dead skin.
  • Use a hydrating toner and follow with a hydrating gel.
  • Do use a primer to keep makeup from moving too much (this is a problem with glass skin makeup).
  • Use cream powders and highlighters rather than powder type products.

Watch my YouTube Tutorial to learn how I achieved dewy and glass skin using no brushes!

Best Products to use for Glass Skin

Dry Skin

Skin care products:

    1. Hungarian Water Essence by Belif

Jurlique Holistic Skin Care


    1. Argan Oil Coconut Water Primer – Physicians Formula

Oily Skin

Skin care products:

    1. Green Tea Toner for Acne-Prone Skin by Belif


    1. Smoothing Primer – Cover FX

(For products used in Youtube video click on the video. I list all products in description box).

What are some of your favorite skincare/makeup products? Leave a comment below! 

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