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Buxom’s NEW Full Force Plumping Lipsticks Review

Buxom Cosmetics

Hey everyone! Today I am giving you a full review of the new Buxom Full Force Plumping Lipsticks. Buxom sent me ten beautiful colors for me to try and share with all of you. If you rather watch the review, feel free to skip to my Youtube below.

Formula: The formula feels smooth and very hydrating. After wearing it for about 30 seconds you can start feeling the tingling sensation which I am assuming if for plumping effect. Honestly, I didn’t see any plumping effect but it does tingle to give you the illusion of plumping. I did not enjoy the tingling ingredient and honestly I rather do without it.

Buxom added Hyaluronic acid and conditioning oils which makes for a moisturizing, creamy and satin finish.

The lipsticks are marketed as full coverage but I think they are pretty sheer but definitely buildable. One swipe across the lips does not fully cover my natural lip color, but with 2-3 swipes you achieve full coverage.

These are the ten color I am swatching, although their collection includes sixteen colors. Each lipstick is sold for $19.

Buxom Cosmetics
  1. Icon – (nectar) a peachy nude
  2. Goddess – (beige)
  3. Boss – (cinnamon) this is my favorite out of all of the colors. Its close to my natural lip color. It has a glossy finish.
  4. Influencer (spiced brown) – this is another fav.
  5. Triple Threat (deep nude) – the perfect nude for deeper skin tones.
  6. Winner (ruby red shimmer) – super glossy bright red.
  7. Baller – (true red) this is a bright red.
  8. Dolly Dreamer – (mauve) more of a plum undertone.
  9. Rockstar – (Mystery Mauve) more of a lavender.
  10. Badass – (grape)


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