KKW Body Collection body foundation review and tutorial


Kim Kardashian Makeup Body Foundation Collection Line KKW Beauty
Full Review and Tutorial of the New KKW Body Collection including the foundation, shimmer and shimmer powder.

I tried Kim Kardashian’s New Body Collection. I purchased the body foundation in the color ‘tan’, the cream body shimmer in ‘bronze’, and the loose shimmer powder in ‘bronze’. The bundle also included her body brush.


Kim Kardashian’s KKW Body Collection sold out immediately after launching. I would have liked to purchase the color medium as well–I will purchase once it restocks. The color tan is a bit more orange than I would have wanted it to be. Kim’s new body collection line can definitely use a more extensive color range since all the colors are a bit darker than you may think.

The formula feels light and airy (as opposed to heavier face foundations). It applies very smoothly without feeling heavy or cakey foundation. I did not have an uneven application, but I should mention I exfoliated thoroughly before use It is best applied on dry, clean skin.

The smell is very pleasant. It has coconut and vanilla hints without being overpowering. Keep in mind that if you have skin sensitivities, it does contain harsh ingredients and fragrances.

I was surprised at how easily it washed off. I was under the impression that it would be similar to face makeup, but as soon as I got in the shower, it washed right off even before applying body wash. Of course, I still washed my body, but I didn’t need to scrub extra hard or any different than how I usually shower.

Watch my video to test how the body foundation transfers. I rolled around in my white bedsheets and the results were not what I expected.

To see full application and review, watch my KKW Body Foundation Youtube video.


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