Tutorial: Wonder Woman Make-up Pop Art Edition!

Tutorial: Wonder Woman Make-up Pop Art Edition!


Wonder Woman Make-up Pop Art Edition!


Halloween is around the corner! Wonder Woman is definitely going to be a popular theme this year! My sister and i teamed up to film this comic book, pop-art inspired tutorial to give your costume a twist! Check out our youtube channel for more Halloween 2017 costume ideas. youtube.com/BeautyESbalance





Get Ready with Me + [Bronze and Glowing Skin ]

Get Ready with Me + [Bronze and Glowing Skin ]

Get Ready with Me + [Bronze and Glowing Skin ]

Doing my make-up is so relaxing, if time permits of course. Although, this is usually not the case. If you ever spot me, you will find me in a bun, minimal makeup like tinted moisturizer and mascara, t-shirt and jeans, and my glasses. I am definitely not one of those girls that can put on an entire face in 20 min! But I somehow managed to edit this video down to under 9 minutes. Continue reading “Get Ready with Me + [Bronze and Glowing Skin ]”

From Dark to Light |Balayage Summer 2017 Hairstyle 

From Dark to Light |Balayage Summer 2017 Hairstyle 

Hello beauties!


So…last Thursday I visited Bianca [@biancacolour] at Andy LeCompote Salon in West Hollywood, Ca. After five hours in the salon, I walked out with layers of layered, sun kissed hair. Here are a few photos from the process… Continue reading “From Dark to Light |Balayage Summer 2017 Hairstyle “

Must-Haves: Summer 2017 Top Beauty Picks

Must-Haves: Summer 2017 Top Beauty Picks


Summer 2017 is Almost Here and I’ve picked Some of my Favorite Beauty Products!


I am always on the hunt for eco-friendly and cruelty-free beauty products. As the summer approaches, many of us want to minimize our prep time and get out to the beach! As we are making plans and booking our summer getaways, planning ahead and taking take of our skin is key to leaving the heavy foundations behind. Summer is my favorite time of the year! Not only because I’m a Leo (August 2) but because the summer means I get to take a break from school and work! And hopefully, hang out by the beach and sip on margaritas! The last thing I want to do this summer is spend hours in-front of the mirror doing my hair or makeup. Let’s keep it natural and celebrate our god-given beauty!

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My Office Makeover + Floating Shelves

My Office Makeover + Floating Shelves

Pinterest Inspired Wall Art + Floating Shelves 

     After staring at blank wall for too many months, I decided to add some art, succulents, and floating shelves. I am constantly searching for new ways to declutter and organize the space around me. And floating shelves are my new obsession! This is a pretty simple way to add some personality and inspiration to your work space or bedroom. Seeing the pretty floating shelves on Pinterest inspired me to finally pick up my man’s drill and get to work. 

Prior to installing the floating shelves, everything was placed on my desk. Having candles around me and inspiring quotes is a must, however, my working area was too busy and distracting. Now, I love to take a pause, lean back on my chair and read an inspiring quote. floatingshelvesart-copy

These are the little things that bring me joy, focus, and make for a productive studying session.

The hardest part was figuring out how to drill the anchors and screws, without a drill bit. This was my first time using an electric drill, and after trial and error, a youtube video and face-timing my boyfriend, I finally succeeded! 

Watch my youtube to see all the steps for my Pinterest inspired wall. But mostly, to avoid errors for first time drillers lol. 

I wanted this to be a gradual change; I constantly like to switch things up depending on my mood, season, etc. I kept the frame and shelves white to give it a minimalist, cleaner look. Using the same color as the wall creates the illusion of a larger space, instead of making the room feel cluttered and small. Having a decluttered space allows me to focus on the task at hand.

Here is a list of everything I used:

  1. White Floating Shelves
  2. Floating Book Shelf
  3. Laser Leveler
  4. Makita Electric Drill

I will gradually keep making upgrades and changes to my space as I make new finds.

What does your wall look like? Share your ideas and tag your style! #ZuleykaDoesLife to be featured, xo.

2017 Goals Check-in | How to Stay Motivated

2017 Goals Check-in | How to Stay Motivated

It’s February 2017!

We’ve survived the first month of 2017! Where we promised ourselves to be more productive, active, etc. However, this is around the time when our eagerness and motivation begins to dissipate. So how do we stay on track? With everything going on around us, we can easily detract from those goals for 2017. This is an ideal time to check-in, revise, and prioritize your goal. Get inspired and motivated again. Here are 10 things you should do to stay ahead of your resolutions:

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What’s in my Gym Bag + My Running Must-haves for 2017

What’s in my Gym Bag + My Running Must-haves for 2017


Runner Essentials 2017 + What’s in my Gym Bag

Training for a Marathon consists of getting to know your body thoroughly! These are the things that work for me and support my body mile after mile. So here we go:

To see all my favorites, watch the video and subscribe for future videos! xoxo

  1. Garmin forerunner 235

If I had to choose one thing from my gym bag, it would be this. I depend on my watch during my outdoor runs for various reasons. It allows me to stay on track and to stay in my desired pace. I purchased this watch right before beginning my first 10k race training. I love the Bluetooth and app-syncing features. It has a wrist heart-rate monitor, calorie and step count, along with other useful features. I don’t use it daily but when I do, I’m more active. If you don’t want to spend $235, there’s other models that offer many of the same features. However, I love the convenience of not having to purchase a chest strap to monitor my heart-rate.

  1. Bose Headphones

I upgraded to these when I lost my previous pair of Bose Headphones and, I AM OBSESSED!!! They are so light, long battery life, sweat-proof, Bluetooth, and voice/call features. I strap them behind my neck for a lighter, wire-free run.

  1. Blister Kit

When I began running I went through different brands of shoes, sizes, custom insoles, and tying my shoes 10 different ways, the whole nine! No matter what shoes I used, I always ended up getting at least one blister during my long runs. I place a piece of the cushion tape in the area I most likely blister. These are a life-changer.

  1. Trail Heads Hat

I love these hats for their breathable fabric. There are light, sweat absorbent, and they don’t feel            bulky. After my runs, I    throw them in the washer and they don’t lose their quality.

  1. Hume Gel-packs

After hitting an 8-mile mark you need to re-fuel. I’ve heard mix things about gel packs, some people hate them while others swear by them. Honestly, I hated the idea of eating a sugary gel to fuel my runs, so I did some research. I came across this brand and decided to give them a try. They don’t use artificial sweeteners or chemicals, they’re non-GMO and vegan, plus they contain chia seeds for extra omega-3s. I tried one pack on my run last weekend and I loved them! They also have a bit of caffeine, no complaints.

  1. Camelbak Backpack

I think by now you get the idea, I like convenience.  No one likes to run holding a phone, water     bottle, car keys, or bouncing headphone wires in your face. After staring at this backpack for a          couple of months I decided to give it a shot. I assumed that it would be heavy, bulky and        inconvenient. I was so wrong! It’s light and adjustable to fit a range of sizes. I sound like a          salesperson but I promise you, I just love it.

  1. Spikey Massage Ball

This ball stays with me whether I’m sitting on my desk or finishing up a run. It feels so good to roll your feet after being on your feet. Even if you’re not a runner, this ball is amazing. You can use it on other parts of your body too.



These are just a few things that make my runs more enjoyable. It’s the little things that make a difference; whether you get up and get your miles in or stay in bed and make excuses. Make it fun for yourself!!! I feel supported, while preventing  potential injuries. If you have any questions about these products, or on something mentioned in my video, feel free to leave me a comment!

Talk to you soon!