Hey! I'm Zuleyka Silver, welcome to my blog. I'm an actor, student, and writer. Join me as I live life in the city of Los Angeles.

Hi! I’m Zuleyka!

pronounced: (Zoo-lake-ahh)

I created this blog to exercise my love for writing, sharing, and creating.

I am an actress, writer, and college student living in Los Angeles. I have three cats, Lobo, Macchiato,and Cleo they’re the cutest! If you follow me on snapchat you’ve seen them constantly!

Recently, I felt like I needed to remove myself from social media and focus on school and take inventory of my goals and dreams. After a long break, I came to the realization that I only feel truly alive when I am sharing what I’m creating. I thrive on it! I am a philosophy major but I also have interests in writing and photography. I’ve been acting for a long time but taking a break from it right now to focus on school.

Anyway, I’ve been itching to create this blog for so many years, but I allowed fear to hold me back. The reason I decided to create a blog is to connect with like-minded creative people. I named this blog Zuleyka DOES Life to remind me to get out there and do all those things I’ve always wanted to without fear. To DO life, means to follow my dreams and put action behind my goals.! We all have it in us, we just need to be reminded sometimes. I hope we can inspire each other and connect on a creative level! I am so thrilled to share this new stage in my life with you. My hope is that you can find even a small bit of inspiration as you read my blogs weekly.



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